How *Not* to have Geek Buddy Installed in new CIS install w/ clean o/s install

Greetings, Hi there …
I’ve just performed a CLEAN (and time consuming) reinstall of our operating system (Win 7 Pro x64-based) onto a new set of HDD’s. I’d like to install the same Firewall protection that I had before, namely: Comodo Firewall (aka Comodo Internet Security). However, and this is the important part where I need your help, I’d like to install it WITHOUT “Geek Buddy”. Is there a complete “stand-alone” bundle that I can download (not trial ware, but the Free version for now), to install on the system that has just had the clean install?

I’ve been using Comodo Internet Security for some time on our previous system installation, without the use or need of Geek Buddy.

The last CIS software package I downloaded just recently for our system(s) from Comodo were “cispremium_installer_6100_08.exe”; unfortunately it had an imbedded “geek buddy” applet in it.

For several of the reasons discussed in this forum, especially those related to arbitrarily open ports created by Geek Buddy, among other issues similar to adware (system resource hogging bloatware) in general, I’d like to insure that I do not have to cross any of these paths. As well, I would prefer to not have to perform another clean install of our operating system.

In summary: I am wanting to install Comodo Internet Security (Comodo Firewall) standalone, complete bundle, for x64-Win 7 Pro. by itself. NOT any Geek Buddy attached to it.

Can you refer me to a download link or page where I can successfully pursue that option?

Otherwise, my only other alternative towards utilizing the fine capabilities of Comodo Internet Security, is to re-install my archived older version that does not have “Geek Buddy” on it.

I am grateful for any help or assistance towards this goal.

Please feel free to share this feed back from a long term Comodo Internet Security User. In addition, I’d welcome a response from someone on the Comodo product development management team as to why this troublesome applet has been imbedded in CIS. It seems to compromise the quality and assurance that the product has offered in the past, running contrary to the reputation that CIS has earned over the years.

Sincerely, and with gratitude, for your helpful assistance.

Attn: Alp Eren Kaplan, Comodo Browsers&GeekBuddy Product Manager, Moderator, Comodo Family Member

This is a very old post and never got an answer.
I also never use Geek Buddy and agree that it should be possible to install comodo without it.
I use Revo uninstaller to remove Geek Buddy after every installation.

Today however MalwareBytes found some leftovers in the Registry considered as threats.