How NOT to clean CD cookies?

Hello. In the SIMPLE PRIVATE ZONE cleaning I unticked the “cookies” box of Comodo Dragon. Just because ALL my private datas such as Gmail autologin will disappear after restart! And as I do not want to have to log me in each time I turn my laptop I unticked the “cookies” box. But if I close CSU and reopen it the “cookies” box is… again ticked! 88) I saved the parameters but nothing change : the “cookies” box is each time ticked and the cleaner deletes my autologins! So how NOT to clean CD cookies with CSU?

Hello. I had no reply on that matter. How come? 88)

Do you use System cleaner or system utilities?

I use CSU…

In Comodo System cleaner. you could save certain profiles with the settings you like. make sure when u uncheck cookies in your section. I don’t like the fact that they got rid of the feature were you can save certain settings so that u don’t have to uncheck the cookies everytime you do a clean using CSU. I am not an expert but this is the info I can provide.

If you still need help you can always pm Melih, Heffe, chiron or another Moderator.

You are right about the creation of personalized profile for cleaning. I just did that and it works. But still… As ridiculous as it may be it still seems to be the only way to uncheck the “clean cookie” box! ;D

But wouldn’t it be easier to simply let users… untick/uncheck the boxes they want without forcing them to create a “special personalized” profile for doing that?! 88)

It looks like CSU developers thought something like : “It is far too easy to let users directly untick the boxes they want by themself and save these parameters! Now let’s make things more complicated just for fun… LOL!”… :o