How much RAM does your computer use ?

The topic explains it all ;D How much RAM does your computer use when you boot it up and what programs are lauched on bootup (if there are any).

For example - My desktop with vLited Vista Ultimate SP1 32 bit uses 350 mb RAM and only boots Kaspersky Internet Security 2009

;D 521MB.
10 widgets ;D

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Why does Returnil has a startup entry ? :slight_smile: You can launch it when computer boots up. :slight_smile: And in your case I would remove the SoundMax entry aswell. Just crank your volume to the max and use volume control on your speakers(you will save about 10 MB RAM) :slight_smile:

Here’s my RAM usage: 112 MB according to Task Manager. But is this really true? Because if you manually add the numbers listed there, the sum is 50.4 MB. That’s not even 1/10 of ganda’s RAM usage. :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

Actually we should subtract the RAM usage of the Task Manager. => 46.2 MB for LA. 8)

Only startup is CFP. :-TU


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Now that’s what I call performance :slight_smile: :-TU Nice work LA. Lots of people can envy you ;D

The reason behind the difference in task manager is that by default it does not show you virtual memory usage, but it also adds it to the phisical one when calculating the total. You can enable the VM column too if you are interested in the programs vm usage.

Many hours of learning how to tweak, the result is a machine only usable for internet & office. But that’s fine with me. :slight_smile:

I’m curious to see what Rag & Soya will post!


I’m curious too ! ;D Btw I wasted about 15 CD’s and 10 DVD’s till I got my Vista right :-X

Well, I can easily cheat and not count Opera as I’m typing this to be 122 MB (going by Task Manager 88) ;D)… The only 3rd party programs running then is uTorrent and CFP 3, but don’t forget, as a clean freak myself, what would the real memory usage excluding Task Manager itself? I can further cheat by terminating explorer.exe without the Windows shell, shutdown uTorrent but leave CFP3, and subtract Task Manager to get ~90 MB … 88)

Mine uses about 450MB initially:
Process Controller
Tclock2 (gives time, date, RAM)

then, most of the time have open:
40tude Dialog
FreeTV Guide
Screamer Radio
e-mail client (any 1 of 4)

also running:

Opera is very good with memory. Just over a year ago I had a stick of RAM go faulty and Opera’s useage was cut to about a quarter - slower moving back and forth on a site, but left plenty for other apps. When I went back to 1Gig, Opera just took some more.

ATM, with all of the above running, I’ve 465MB left.

AutoRoute can take a lot when doing iterations on a route. I once had 7 instances of AR open (for a 7-part route that I’d been sent) and the RAM dropped to <20MB. I tried opening some more apps nad XP crashed!
Google Earth uses a lot as well.

OK :slight_smile:

I know the feeling. :-[

Pls post your TM :slight_smile:



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This is cheating, you’re missing cfp.exe and explorer.exe - you ain’t fooling anyone here. :P0l

Ok. My regular with only CFP 3 (i.e. when starting Windows) is usually around 122 MB.

If you want to skip explorer.exe, there’s a substitute in the system32 folder called progman.exe - it’s the old GUI from Windows 3.x. However, I tried to start it from Task Manager, after explorer.exe was killed, but no success. :-TD So I deleted progman.exe. :-TU


Now why would you want to use an old relic like that? Besides, you should know that CFP probably doesn’t like other shells than explorer.exe

Just curiosity, and maybe it would use less RAM than explorer.exe :slight_smile:


question: how do stop returnil automatic startup?there’s no option on returnil main page. (i can delete the registry entry from CCleaner, but i’m not sure 88) ).
tried to disable soundmax, but my laptop sounds like err… talking in a barrel.

yeah2 i’m impressed 88) 88) you can never have a desktop like my perfect 101% ganda super bloated desktop theme V.3.4.666 :-TU

All I need is LA’s desktop 1.0 (as in nr. one :P) and CAVS 1.5. :slight_smile:


I’m on 744 MB at the moment which is 24% ;D. So no problem hahaha