How many of are happy with new CIS v6

Personally i am not happy , they not jut changed the interface COMPLETELY but also removed some
useful features like
1] active connection on the front window. [ Moderators and staff on this forum suggest to use Killswitch which is now integral part of the CIS ] The new Kill-switch [ or old in Comodo Cleaning solution ] don’t have the caliber of what we were using in CIS 5.12 , The previous one was so awesome , how come they removed it ?
2] it need several clicks to view logs , we used to do it with one click in CIS 5.12
and i am facing trouble in other advanced features like creating a custom Predefined policy [ now preset ] in defense+ .

on the other hand they added several new features .

 but personally I think Comodo don't care about their old users like us , who were using CIS for more than 2 years and some of them even using the same AV and firewall since Comodo lunched it .

They should have conducted a survey about new features and UI .
I think There was no need to replace the Complete GUI , but they did it anyway, Plus lot of us were expecting the new feature in CIS v6 that we wanted a long time ago , there is absolutely no need to mention them and plus they removed some good features.
So this new year Comodo is a absolutely a turn off for me.

 Its a good suite for new users who dont know about Comodo , they just started to use PC .

and finally , i think [ i said i think , it doesnot mean that this statement holds true ] Comodo’s new interface is just like Kaspersky Internet Security instead of green its red and complected too .

but overall , if we don't consider old users [ as Comodo did] and think about only new users who are installing CIS for the first time , i woul give CIS 8 out 10 .

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Hi Good OLD CIS,
We do get it that you are not a fan of the new GUI, please stop spamming this fact all over the Forum.
One of your very own topics has been replied in by no other than Egemen himself that changes are planned for future versions from Comodo listening to us the users.

A lot of the older users do prefer the CIS 5.12. I personally don’t care but I agree with u that there should be a Summary screen in the new interface that shows the active connections instead of having to view the connections in Killswitch. If u haven’t visited to vote yes at this poll. here is the link

I wasn’t spamming i just wanted to get noticed , if its against the rules i won’t do it anymore , sorry for that .
But I though its a General discussion board .

Sorry but repeat post all over the Forum about the same subject is against the rules.

Also please stop posting in 4+ year old topics.

Thank you


Yes sorry for the repeated post 88), there are just couple of them . But i thought this the Best time , for comodo to consider our wish ,
see at least 10 persons saw what people are talking about and one of the moderator just created a new thread in wishlist . thanks for support by the way :-TU

That was to hopefully help lessen scatter (Which I noted in the wish) not increase it. 88)
Request are easier for developers to follow if it is condensed into one topic and not spread thinly all over the place.

Edit: I will lock this topic as there are other topics already open covering the same subject matter.
If you have any genuine legit reasons for this topic to be re-opened please PM an online moderator with your reasons.
Thank you.