how many members?

01 August 2007
Comodo’s Forum Members Exceed 23,000

76371 Posts
9814 Topics
24068 Members

That’s impressive,over 1000 new members in one day…

Hi user4,

I don’t think they got 23,000 today, it was around 24,000 when I logged in 8-9 hours ago today. 1,000 a day is too much, more likely around 20-30 I believe. And remember that some peoples register just to post one question.


Scroll to the bottom of this page, and you’ll see the stats for user registration and new members. (Closer to 90-100 new users/day.)

Hey all,

I believe the 23,000 figure was referring to the forums first 12 months, not to the date of publication of the press release.

Ewen :slight_smile: