How many "Dragon.exe" does it take to run?

I do not know if this is a bug or something I am doing wrong.
I have just updated CD to 3.1.1.
My PC now seems to have slowed down considerably with CD open.
I have checked with “Taskmanager” and find 9 (nine) instances of "dragon.exe *32 - is this correct?
[Please see attachment]
I don’t seem to remember more than one instance with previous versions.
I would appreciate any and all assistance you care to render.

O/S: Win 7 Pro up to date.

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Hi dustyv,
Dragon is using multi-process architecture which has been used for quite a long while, hence the multiple entries in Windows Task Manager.
Multi-process Architecture-Chromium
Multi-process Architecture-Chromium Blog

Shift+Esc will open Dragons Task Manager, this will show each individual process of Dragon.

Does CD appear to slow the entire system or just the browser seems slow?


Hello Captainsticks,
I thank you for your reply, I have just started using CD (normally I use Ice dragon).
I thought the PC was slowing down as a result of opening CD, I now think it was because my PC has been on for over 12 hours, and maybe it was just a little too much for it.
I read the 2 links you provided, thanks, the Blog one I understood better (not being a ‘techie’)
This has now answered my question.
I appreciate your assistance and knowledge.
Thanks again.

You are welcome, I am glad that helped and also glad to hear that your system appears to be OK. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

It is possible to have Chromium based browser to run a single process using comman line parameters. A list can be found here: http://â . A video on how to use the command line parameters: .

One advantage of multiple processes is a more stable browser. Firefox freezes on me quite a bit but Chromium browsers almost never do this. If your computer can handle it I would run Comodo Dragon with multiple processes.

Hi Eric,
It appears this switch is no longer supported by Dragon (See screenshot) or Chrome (See link), I am not sure about the other Chromium based browsers.
Single process doesn’t work-Chrome Forum

Kind regards.

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Thank you for the heads up.

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