how many computers using my firewall

i use a desktop computer - not wireless - and the other day the landline and broadband was off line due to a fault at the exchange.

It came back after a few hours and the next day I received a warning from the firewall that another ip address was trying to link in?

i thought this may be linked to the previous problem and a new modem / telecom unit had to be replaced at the telephone exchange - so I said yes to the other ip address.

This then got me thinking , is there a way for me to tell how many computers are linked to my firewall? - can I see all the Ip addresses ? so I can check and make sure some hacker hasn’t illegally got access to my computer when I was vunerable.

I believe what you are looking for is called “My Network Zones”. This can be found by double-clicking on your shield icon to open the COMODO Firewall interface, click on the Firewall icon (between the Summary icon and the Defense+ icon), then select “My Network Zones”. This will show you all the networks allowed onto your computer. A bit of advice, if you do not own a router (i.e. you have your computer connected directly to your modem, which is not necessarily a router, though it can be) you’ll want to restrict the access of the zones.

If you want to see active connections, click on “View Active Connections”. Anything that is Listening should be reviewed (most of the time, svchost and System are okay). Anything that is TCP OUT is most likely fine. Stuff like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird. Anything that is TCP IN, you should check and make sure you know what the program is and that you installed it. Examples of software using TCP IN are torrent software, instant messengers, and vnc.