How Long to Submit Files

When you submit files via Comodo interface how long does it take for Comodo to analysis them


The samples sent via the UI are first sent to CAMAS. if CAMAS detects a malicious behavior you will get an alert (CloudBehavior.Suspicious) few seconds/miutes after the submission.
Things not detected by CAMAS will take a while before being classified.
Best way to submit malware to Comodo :

Gather some malwares samples
delete everything detected by CAV
perform a cloud lookup to make sure Comodo cloud does not detect anything else (which is rare).
Then submit the files via the UI so that anything detected by CAMAS will get a sign automatically.
Finally, submit the rest of the files

In addition, if you believe the files are safe, you should report them for whitelisting in this topic.

What I do not understand is when software is sandboxed - partially limited, limited etc., why does it take so long for Comodo to come up with a response: good/bad? Melih makes it sound/look so easy, but when you have software in the sandbox for 4 weeks now, you kinda get annoyed…

I believe they get millions of new executables submitted via that method each day (or at least an astronomically large number). Thus, it often takes a long time for files submitted through the interface.

Comodo cloud receives over 100,00 unique files a day:

That is a lot and therefor things are prioritized. That’s why there is the topic where you can submit files to be whitelisted. Comodo prioritizes the forum users requests.

Also note :

For blacklisting the upcoming files each day :

and others automated systems …

Number of Definitions Added Today:52971

For whitelisting :

I got a pm from bogdanr that told me that they have have multiple gates, crawlers , automatic processes and also analysts working on this.