How long to submit files (so more can be submitted)?

After an AV scan that had several false positives, I added about a dozen files to get submitted to Comodo for analysis. Now I found another file (a time sync utility) that is listed under Unrecognized Files and want to submit that, too; however, the prior submission is still busy and I cannot add more files in the meantime. When I try to add another file for submission, I get:

Submitting …
Please wait while the files are being submitted …
File: (blank)
Operation: Initializing …
(the progress bars are unpopulated)

So, I figure Comodo rolls up the list of files probably to compact them and maybe encrypt or obfuscate them so they aren’t dangerous. Okay, but it’s been “initializing” now for around 10 minutes during which there has been no noticeable network traffic to transfer the files. All I can do now is click on the Hide button and wait even longer but then there is a good chance that I’ll forget later to submit the unrecognized time sync file.

Is there a way to abort the submission so I can add more files and then submit again?

You can also submit them to Comodo Malware Analysis or on the forum. AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting

After 9 hours, and when trying to submit more files, it still shows an “initializing” dialog box. Am I interpreting this wrong? I thought it meant that it was still processing the prior submit task. Is it instead showing my the current submission (i.e., the current submit is in progress)? If so, just how long does it take to “initialize”? After 20 minutes it’s still in that state and with no change to the progress bar.

Is there any means provided for monitoring a current submission that is still being processed?

Well, after waiting 3 hours on the “Submitting … Initializing …” dialog with no change in progress, I have to assume that the submit function in CIS is an unusable feature. I got it to submit some files once (I selected it to report on all executables under a folder so all those are listed as submitted) but can’t submit any more files from within CIS. Yes, I can use the separate web page but that doesn’t address why Submit doesn’t work inside of CIS. Also, since I have to move the unrecognized file to the Trusted Files list and since the file will remain there indefinitely (because users won’t know if and when their submitted files get into the whitelist in a later update), there really isn’t any advantage to the user (that did the submission).

The user the did the submit will end up moving the unrecognized file in the Trusted Files list where it stays. That user won’t know about if and when the whitelist gets updated. So, to that user, the submit is merely helping out OTHER users that may have the same file. It’s to Comodo’s benefit because it gets them a bigger white or black list. It really isn’t of benefit to the user that did the submission.

So I may occasionally submit an unrecognized file using the web page but it’s likely that I won’t waste my time if I have anything better to do. Obviously I’m not going to leave the file unrecognized indefinitely and hope some later update added the file to a whitelist. I’ll be moving it to the Trusted Files list. As such, it isn’t important (to me) whether or not I submit that file. With the submit as a function within CIS where I happen to see it listed as unrecognized then it was much more likely that I do a submit. If I have to separately load a web page and have to navigate to the file to select it then it is less likely that I’ll expend the effort on submitting the file.