How long does it take your CFP 3's AV Scanner to Finish?


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Takes 14 mins.

&& You did a hacking trick !


Complete scan, 2 minutes exactly. No threats found. :-TU


HI all!

When I had cfp 3.0 installed on my Vista system it took for almost 1 hour to complete scanning. On my xp machine it takes for 1.5 hour for the scan to complete. The build in scanner never found a trace of malicious software on my machines.

But Soyabeaner, how is it possible for you scanner to complete within 6 seconds?? There has to be something wrong with your system or with your firewall!!

But then again, you could have a superfast computer, but I think you interrupted the scanner before completion in 6 seconds. Neat trick!

Have a nice day!


Something is definitely wrong with Soya’s scanning, and possibly also with yours, unless you have a very large disk or a really slow system…


6,000 files in 6 seconds is very fast. 6,000 files for me takes a minute, with a full scan 20 minutes. Soya do you have a newly installed super fast computer?

Other than nLiting my XP and all these slimming down tricks, I didn’t do any hacking! ;D. Intel P4 [at-bypass] 2.4 GHz single core.

This trick didn’t work with previous CFP versions. Maybe the new one is becoming smarter?

The first run usually ranges between 51 sec to 1 min + 12 sec, depending how many files I have. I regularly clear my browser cache, which reduced the number of files significantly. That’s what I did last night. Then I re-ran the scanner it’s much faster. I’m guess CFP3 now caches its scanning results during the OS logg on session?

Actually I have a verry large disk wich is having around 40% of free space. There are almost 1 million of files that has to be scanned1

I have more than 300 programs installed, and the pc is more than 5 years old, but it still works pretty darn fine!!

I guess maintenance does wonders!

Have a nice day!


If so that’s bad - very bad! Security software needs to operate on a real time basis, not base its output on what happened 10 minues ago.

Can you try and confirm this?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I already did this morning and it’s still the same :-X. Over 7100 files scanned just over a minute, and on the second consecutive re-scanned at 7 seconds.

It just took 1:58 to scan 13368 total objects on my recently nlited XP SP3, while it used to take 10-11 minutes on the original installation. Incidently, an Avast 4.8 boot-time scan used to take about 20-23 minutes or so but now this morning it only needed about 7 minutes.

Not sure if this really counts or not, but I go about 35 minutes or so into the scan when it just sorta hangs. Doesn’t say complete, just says it’s scanning a file (believe it’s in my C:\Windows\ folder, but the timer stops advancing. I still have the buttons on the bottom right to pause or stop the scan, so I just stop it and get on with my life. I forget how many files are scanned by that point, but it’s a lot. If I remember I’ll try another scan when I have the chance and update the specific info.

Heheh. Not a lot of users would’ve done what I did, especially if their scanning times took too long - there’s simply little to no incentive to perform 2 consecutive scans :smiley:

Really odd. First pass in 14:39 secs. Second pass (immediately after the first) 14:22 secs.

When I ran both passes, I had Task Manager open and it displayed what I assume is normal behaviour with large numbers of data read under the heading “I/O Other Bytes”.

Can you re-run and check whether there is actually data reported as being read in Task Manager as “I/O Other Bytes”?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes there are input & output bytes.

The “only” things that have changed since the previous CFP versions are removed services/files/registries (but not Comodo related) from this thread. I’m suspecting maybe it’s due to that :-[. If there’s anyone else who might be able to replicate this, it’s LA because he’s removed more ;D.

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Hmmmmm? Got me stuffed! Maybe throw this one at Egemen?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hang on, I can look into it soon (time shortage right now)


On the first and second passes? And are they roughly similar quantities?

I can confirm Soya`s findings.2 scans 1 straight after the other.


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Did you try doing this with Task Manager running so you could double check the figures under the heading “I/O Other Bytes”?

Strange, theres a difference of 10 in the number of files scanned.

Curiouser and curiouser said the cat.

Ewen :slight_smile: