How long does it take to get a TrustLogo validation?

Hi, I am new here. I tried the free scan liked it so I signed my site up for the daily scan. I did it yesterday morning. About an hour later received an email that my who is info was not correct. I had a who is guard on it. I immediately updated it and emailed the person back to tell them that. This was yesterday late morning. I thought wonderful we should have it up and running shortly. Nope, nothing yet.

I have went in several times to get the logo informaiton and check a report today. It still says its Waiting for TrustLogo validation.
Just wondering How long will it does it normally take?
Thank you


If we already have a record of your company and domain name(s) in the IdAuthority, the largest company directory on the web, we will be able to expedite your SSL application. In most cases, this means that validation of your application and issuance of your SSL Certificate may only take a few minutes.

However, if we do not already hold sufficient information on your company and domain name(s), or your application data does not completely match the IdAuthority entry for your website, we may require additional information. In this instance you should allow up to 2 days for us to validate your application.