HOw is this?

Dear all, when I uninstall the Comodo program it asked for a restart. Thinking of saving time, I click restart later and then reinstall a fresh copy and restart.

NOw whenever I open my PC, it say files missing “clicapi.dll”. I try to uninstall but this screen asking for this files again arise and I try install and reinstall but none is possible. I cannot uninstall and install since the setup files only display a screen on whether I want to uninstall. I click yes then the screen die off. No more screen coming up next.

Pls help me. What should I do next?

Seems you interrupted the installer in an unexpected way, and now it’s stuck in a loop. If you’re experienced with using the Regedit tool, I’d suggest inserting “Comodo Antivirus” in the search field and then the “clicapi.dll” after uninstalling. To see if you still have abandoned strings left in the registry and maybe delete these manually.

Be warned though. Editing your registry can cause serious problems if you edit the wrong fields.

Thanks!!! Its solve now… (R)