How is PrivDog updating to a new version now?

Is it automatically through the browser, or in the installation of a new version of Dragon?

Neither seems to be working for me, I’m still on PD running CD

I even tried “update extensions now” in developer mode.

Hi Jamin4u,
The Dragon plugin is removed from the PrivDog installer now as Dragon has the plugin included.

I also have the same issue, that Dragon has not automatically updated to the latest PrivDog version even with Dragon V31.1.
I will point this out to the Developers.


Edit: I have now PMed Staff in regards to this issue.

Hi Jamin4u,
I have word back from Staff.
The updated installer V2.1.0.23 contains fixes and improvements related to the setup for other browsers, which did not affect Dragon.
Hence the reason to update Dragon from V2.1.0.22 was not required.

Kind regards.

Hi captainsticks,

When I saw the following on the release announcement of PD v2.1.0.23, I thought PrivDog version was being updated by Dragon automatically again. Am I correct in understanding that all browsers except Dragon update the PrivDog version through the browser. Dragon PrivDog version is updated with a new version of Dragon.

PrivDog is now released.

For existing users your browsers will be automatically updated.

New: Improved threat coverage Common
New: Improved update mechanism Setup

Hi Jamin4u,
Dragon will update PrivDog the same as other browser, except this particular update only contained fixes for other browsers so it was not pushed to Dragon.
Any future PrivDog updates that contain benefits to Dragon will update automatically in Dragon.

I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Yes, it makes perfect sense.

Do you recall when if you wanted to update the PrivDog version, you either had to run the PrivDog setup.exe or wait for a new version of Dragon?

When a PrivDog update is available for Dragon, it should update in the existing version of Dragon.
The Dragon plugin is no longer included with PrivDogs installer now or in the future.

Thank you, I misunderstood your earlier post regarding the PrivDog installer.

Does updating PrivDog in the portable version of Dragon happen the same way. Because I’m running portable CD v31.1.0.0 with PrivDog v1.9.0.21? This is part of my confusion because shouldn’t it have updated automatically to PrivDog v2.1.0.22.

Edit: I just noticed that Comodo Drag & Drop Service has not updated either in the portable version.

Yes it should automatically update PrivDog, I am confused along with you now.
Can you drag’n’drop the privdog.crx file into an open extensions window of Dragon an see which version this gives you?
File found in your portable installation location ‘Comodo\Dragon\extensions’.

Do you also have an installed version of Dragon that has PrivDog V2.1.0.22?


Yes, I just manually updated PrivDog through Drag and Drop to V2.1.0.22. I edited my above post stating that the Comodo Drag & Drop Service in portable CD v31.1.0.0 hasn’t updated either. It’s v1.1 when it should be v2.3.2 as in CD v33.1.0.0. I manually updated the Drag & Drop Service to v2.3.2.

I am not sure what actually happened with your portable version, maybe a small glitch during a manual update or in your portable user profile.
Might be best to see if this issue with your portable version persists with the next update.
At least you had the updated versions available in the extensions folder. :wink:

Kind regards.

Not a big deal, I’m just using the portable version until the flash issue is worked out. I know there’s an easy work around with chromes pepper flash but I’m not sure I want to go that route.

BTW I got the extension updates from my installed version of CD

Thanks for you time and knowledge.

You are welcome, thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:
All the best.