How is default deny achieved ?.

Hello guys. I was looking at Bluepoint security video on Remove-malware .com yesterday regards the app, and Matt said you could set up Cis to default deny unknown apps as Bluepoint does.

I understood you could override the decision by simply clicking allow.

This appeals to me as if an unknown app tries to execute it will be denied unless i want it and check it out and make a decision.

My question is. What settings do i ned to use and imagine this will be D+ related ?.


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To get an alert for each executable that wants to start you need to switch CIS to Proactive Mode. Go to Miscellaneous → Manage my configurations → select COMODO-Proactive Security → Activate. Notice that you will start with a clean slate again…

In the default mode you won’t get the alert of the actual start of the program but will get subsequent alerts.