How i can remove IEAntivirus Pop-up?

PLs help me (:SAD) i have that spyware 3days… i cant remove it pls help me… i trying everything but he is still on mine PC (:SAD)

Virtumonde or Smitfraud ?

Do you get any of these pop-ups here or links to these antispywares?
There are 2 ways

Easiest way is here Comodo Free Cleanup

2nd and Manual Way :
Warning : Always look at the results, there could be some false positives (you never know)

Download Superantispyware, install + update
Download Malwarebytes antimalware, install + update
Download Vundofix and safe on your desktop
Download combofix and safe on your desktop

Now restart in Safe mode, (this is restarting and keep hitting F8, it will give you a new screen take safe mode)

Then :

Start Combofix : scan en destroy every file it finds
Start Vundofix : scan en destroy every file it finds
Start Superantispyware : scan en destroy every file it finds
Start Malwarebytes Antimalware : scan en destroy every file it finds

If it’s done, restart in normal mode and please post back a hijackthis log (in .txt please), download here

I hope this works for you


Hm, I dont know. I will try :slight_smile: When i do that i will reply here :BNC I hope i will get ride of IEAntivirus Pop-up…

Do you have any problems reported like here


Yes, somthink likethat. When i go to ,Comodo Clean up" , and press free clean, i just get chat window (:SAD)

indeed, Let comodo fix it for you ;D


So how i need let comodo clean up? (:SAD) sorry im newbie (:SHY)

During the chat session, they will get your consent to set up a remote connection to your PC. Using this connection, they will exaine and remove any spyware, trojans, viruses present. This is a free service at the moment.

It can take up to an hour and a half, depending upon the quantity of infections, number of reboots required and your internet connection speed.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Tnx ewen couldn’t explain it better ;).


Thank u Verry much:) now im wating when my PC will be scanned… :SMLR

Waiting 3h but nothing respond (:AGY)

:frowning: That’s bad >:(

Can I ask you what browser U used. I think it’s the best if you use internet explorer. :slight_smile:


Opera, becose, internet explorer r infected by IEAntivirus pop-up :frowning:

Lol , I tried it also with opera, but it aint working :-. So just face the pop-ups I think.


in that case, the guys from the cleanup see what they’re facing (:TNG).

Don’t want to be in their place ;D


I just now get finish work with guys from comodo. But whey cant help me, we tryed scan, manual and etc, but we cant remove it :-\ :-\ :-\ :frowning: :frowning: :cry:

It can be a pain to get rid of.

Can you please get back onto the Comodo Malware removal people and refer them to the following URL, which contains a clear guide to IEAntiVirus’s removal;

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Panic, one notice to you previous post. Spyhunter is shareware and as far as I know, it doesn’t clean up.

Redlin, if you want. Try my programs I posted before or try the manual way from panic

I hope in any case that you get rid of it.

yeah run those scans and post a HJT log.