How i can download latest version of comodo firewall

I’m looking for comodo Firewall’s download link ( here it says firewall with antivirus but i don’t wanna download cis.

How i can download it?

Thanks is anvance.

Just download CIS and while installing, uncheck the antivirus :slight_smile:


I think developers should seperate firewall, i don’t wanna download whole installer.

+1, but AFAIK the whole CIS download package is smaller then the CFP package (don’t ask me how)


İf so, there is no problem then :).

Thank you for your replies Xan.

Well, when CFP was available as a standalone installer, it was in and this was about 18.7 MB. The CIS installer is 24.6 MB. So CIS is without doubt larger than CFP but at least it’s not a huge difference.