how good is the cavs nowadays?


hi, buddies,
today - I have a simple question - how good is the cavs nowadays? I mean inside the comparative tests.
may I rely on it? should I feel safe with it? does it worth to download and to use it as the only antivirus protection at my pc? i’d like frank replies. please, no tendency regards.




The always asked question

to see a comparative you should see this topic

But remember , CAVS is based on prevention (see HIPS :D) Detection is still below par.


Hi carioca

I have been using CAVS since August of last year and am very please with it. I use it along with CFP-3, BoClean, and CMF. I feel I am protected very well and have not up to this point experienced any intrusion of viruses or malware.

It is still in a Beta version so if you are not comfortable using one then you should use another application. I know that Avast is used by many on the forums and is very compatible with CFP.

Hope this is helpful for you.


But you should also read this,130061744,139263949,00.htm

And look at this ← This one is really interesting as most of them fail >:(.


The detection rates are quite low, and it is suppose to prevent viruses with HIPS. Thats its main strength, but right now HIPS isn’t fully functional so its NOT at its best.

If you use CFP, CAVS, BOclean you should be fairly protected. But if you do downloading, go to weird sites then your definitely at risk with CAVS.