How download full installation of older versions CIS?official(links wrong)

Hello, windows vista 32 bit (2gb RAM)
need full installator(offline) for this. latest is
but i am ready for CIS 10 or CIS 11.
please help, give official link for some installator.
all links in topic where old versions released —download or latest version which not support vista or not works.

You can try using WayBack Machine on the Link for CIS Offline Installer which will give you this Link.

Take the CIS Release notes page for reference, look up to the CIS Version you want to install, and select the date in which this version was released on the Wayback Machine page.

Unfortunately Wayback Machine ( didn’t capture CIS version so it cannot be downloaded from there.
I do have a local copy but where to dump it (if it is allowed) . . .

For file sharing

thanks for replies

thanks , but no need for me man, i need only from official sources

thanks, webarchive good idea, will try as last hope , because even webarchive is checked site- still its not official comodo server…

guys, found this link

in this topic

maybe same link for older versions available?

Unfortunately Comodo doesn’t provide / have an official archive / repository where it keeps older versions from which you can download older versions.
Comodo official download URLs are always updated to download newest / latest version.

The local copy that I have is the official source but if you don’t want than you don’t want.

You can try here:

thanks, i cant download from not official sources

thats it. just not care about people who use XP or Vista. few years i used Comodo products. maybe its time to say goodbye forever, because i see they dont care about some group of users

You can always compare the SHA and MD5 hashes of the files that we offer you with the SHA and MD5 hashes found in the official release topic for that version on this forum.
If the hashes match (and they do match) than there is no need to worry about these files.

Not only that, but you can also check the digital signature of the installer. Official Comodo Installers are signed by “Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.

You also can always upload the file to VirusTotal.


For information, my locally stored official Comodo CIS V12.0.0.6870 offline installer has correct SHA and MD5 checksums and has also the correct “Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.” digital signature.