How does "My Pending Files" Work?

how does the My pending files work?

do i have to submit the file or do that automatically?
and do i just leave them there and then they get moved out?

im not sure can someone explain this to me.

I would be interested in this as well. I have some files which keep being sandboxed and have been submitted automatically a few weeks ago and are still listed as unknown. How quickly are the files checked so they can be verified as safe?

Really great product by the way :-TU

If autosandboxed, the file should be submitted automatically.

Until it is submitted, or if submission fails it will have a submission date of 1/1/70. If it fails it is I think (not sure) it is supposed to keep trying once a day or so, but this does not seem to be working. If a file does not submit after a week it’s probably best to try manually submitting it.

If submitted and accepted it will have a sensible submission date. It then enters a queue for checking.

As of March 2010 it looks like automated file checking system is not yet in operation - manual checking presumably means there’s a long backlog.

CIS checks the status of submitted files every day. If a file passes checking, and is declared as safe, it should be automatically unsandboxed

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