How does firewall safe mode work without "Create rules for safe applications"?

I’m trying to understand how safe mode works as this is my first time using Comodo Firewall. I have bunch of applications installed like Firefox, Chrome, Telegram, Signal etc. and they can all access internet in Safe mode. But I didn’t even check the box that says “Create rules for safe applications” in settings. So how are these this apps able to access internet? According to General Firewall Settings, PC Firewall, Firewall Protection | Internet Security , safe mode only works when “Create rules for safe applications” is checked. The documentation doesn’t explain what happens when that box is not checked. How does Comodo know which applications are safe to access the internet when the box is unchecked?

It is not necessary to have allow rules in place for trusted rated applications when using safe mode. Applications that run with a trusted rating and therefore considered safe, will be allowed network access when the firewall is in safe mode. The only difference is when that setting is enabled, auto allow rules will be created but when it is disabled, then rules won’t be created but the application will still be allowed.

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My FW is set to secure mode with “Create rules for safe applications” Enable. I find it interesting.
I have a list of all the applications that want to access the Internet. I can modify the rules created by CIS by restricting / prohibiting access.