*** How does DiskShield work ? ***

Alright so if I use DiskShield and have protection enabled then I run software such as CCleaner which securely deletes temporary files then DiskShield would make CCleaner think it is securely deleting them, but in reality it would not be. So I reboot and all of the files that CCleaner thought it securely erased are now left somewhere in the free space of my hard drive?

Hi AJohn,

All changes made to a system while DiskShield is enabled will be lost upon reboot.

My understanding of how these “secure erase” program are such that the information is written over a number of times with garbage data. But all of this is happening in the protected environment, so once you reboot it will look like nothing ever happened and your file should re-appear.

In summary:
Any and all data downloaded on your machine will be removed upon reboot.
Any and all data erased on your machine will be restored upon reboot.

I hope that helped!

Thanks, but say I create a file called “info.txt” which contains private information. Then I delete the file while DiskShield is enabled. Then I reboot and info.txt is lost.

My question is: When info.txt was discarded, are there traces of it left in the freespace? I am assuming DiskShield does not securely erase the discarded files?


when things are deleted they are deleted using standard methods.

if u wish to have a new feature of doing multiple delete etc for whatever securiy u neeed then pls put it in wishlist



Thanks very much for the confirmation Melih.

I have made the feature request here: https://forums.comodo.com/comodo_diskshield/comodo_diskshield_wishlist_v1-t23654.0.html;new#new

so it acts like deep freeze pro then. if a person ( or a kid in my case hose the machine) a simple reboot will fix the problems. how will this affect av updates or os updates and games played and progresion saved.?

Yes this is something I wonder to. What about all software that updates iself like Comodo’s CIS this would be erased at boot and again downloaded and so on?

What about my files I make like Word, Powerpoint or Excel and save on my disk? Or what about my growing Movies and music files…

Maybe this should be removed and replaced with ***How does CTM work? ***

Maybe this should be locked and we wait for the Time Machine FAQ to appear. :wink: