how does comodo dragon browser compare with chromeplus browser?

I really like Comodo dragon browser. Yet I also like Chromeplus browser

How do these two browsers compare? Though CD does need to be updated to a later chromium version to support extensions, and the bookmark sync options.

While there are various versions of chrome.

This is what comodo dragon DOESN’T have
Chrome creates a unique ID through which a user can be theoretically identified.
Chrome remembers up to the second exactly when the software was installed.
3) RLZ-Tracking
This Chrome-function transmits information in encoded form to Google, for example, when and where Chrome has been downloaded.
and among others bla bla bla

Basicly similar to “SRWare Iron” but comodo added it own “Verification Engine” and other stuff. This is just getting started

A better question is: Did the makers of Chromeplus browser remove ALL the privacy intrusion features that google added AND can it verify that let’s say for example your on Can it be sure your really on

ChromePlus states (as the only Chrome clone) that they also removed User bahavior tracker. Is this really something that Google Chrome does do?

And if so, why do Comodo and/or Iron not mention this privacy point?

Taken from ChromePlus website:
User bahavior tracker
Chrome tracks some events such as search engine change, dev tool open, browser update, bookmark creation, browser exit, options change, ClientID and timestamps, theme installation and etc.

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If you have been with CD since the beginning you would find the information. I am too lazy to find the link, but they say the exact same thing about Behavior Tracker.

Edit: Decided to hunt the links. :slight_smile:
For Iron:

As for Dragon:;msg343367#msg343367

Hello Megamanx,

I think you could have spared yourself the time to look up the links i have already read about 10 times and read my question again… :wink:

My question was about tracking events in the browser (bookmark creation, dev tool open, etc) and as i already stated no Chrome clone except ChromePlus mentions this (only client id and timestamps are mentioned)…


I think is important to remove User bahavior tracker

According this site Chromium lacks the user tracking, so Comodo Dragon is safe

Comodo is a US company

ChromePlus is chinese ;D

So many features in CoolNovo(ChromePlus!) that are worth using, I hardly use any more than “Double-click close” and “Hide the close button.”
They have a sidebar that does not fit my expectations, they will not even fix our claims on it, but at least they have one. I would use it for the bookmarks no less.

Also, when they clean Privacy stuff, they do it much more in-depth.

CoolNovo is dog slow to load up, even though it is fast in its own way, compared to Dragon and Iron.