How does Comodo do with full-screen games?

Hi! I’m searching for a new firewall for my new PC and I’ve heard good things about Comodo. However, I was curious how much that Comodo interferes with full-screen gaming. With previous firewalls, I’ve endured the aggravation of having security pop-ups appear while gaming, booting me out of my game and back into the desktop.

Does Comodo do this? If so, how often? Will the new update include an equivalent to ZoneAlarm Pro’s “Game Mode” that prevents security pop-ups from occurring while gaming?



CFP will display alerts if you’re running a full screen game, but … I am trying to build up a library of rule definitions for the Application Monitor to prevent these occuring.

Maybe you should add your suggestion to the firewall wishlist topic.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I play WOW and Call of Duty. The first time I started the games (I have not made any rules manually) I expected popups so I alt+tabbed out to windows to answer the popups from Comodo. Once that is done Comodo doesn’t bother.