How does CMG fit with CAVS, BOC, and CFP?

As I understand the intent will be to keep the 4 products avaialble for stand alone use. CFP now has a basic firewall and a Defense+ component. Does the Defense+ include all of CMG’s functionality now? What is the mystery component of CFP that was said to catch 60% of viruses when added to the first final release of CFP? Is there a 5th product there?

Certainly Defense+ from CFP, CMG, and the HIPS with CAVS will overlap if there are multiple products, and I think I read that BOC will be added to CAVS, creating another potential duplication.

Compatibility is not without difficulty as well, as BOC and CMG seem to have a little turf war when they are both installed.

I am curious how all will fit together. Will the Defense+ menus in CFP be expanded to include CAVS and BOC and CMG? Will there be some master control panel?

Finally, will we see an update to any of the other products, anytime soon?

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i’ve heard that CAVS3 will have CBO function integrated and the next CFP will have CMG integrated. and maybe there will be option to install them separately (like CFP firewall & defense+ perhaps?). the compatibility issue will be fixed on next BOC.

Thank you ganda, your report confirms my own impression, but that leaves both of us a bit inthe dark.

What is that “new” last minute component of CFP and where does it fit? (The 60% solution)

Which of the four products we are familiar with now work with one another smoothly?

Where does CMG fit with the CFP and CAVS HIPS functionality?

For now, it apears CFP plays well enough with several good AVS products, but beyond that there is not so much clarity about duplication of function and compatibility. I really, really want something like BOC as a backup to other scanning technology and also and hopeful locking down memory like CMG does will eliminate a family of threats. The other Xfactor is how to best use some kind of sanbox or virtual machine technology.

I have a setup I am using now that works, but am anticipating replacing some or all of it, once I can figure out how the Comodo apps work or don’t work together. I anticipate some delay in the AV scanning and ASW/AT area.

1)err,actually i haven’t heard about the 60% claim, but i think it’s defense+ .defense+ is a smart
HIPS, it can detects malicious activity without using malware signature (:NRD)

2)(:TNG) i’m so lucky that i can use all of them (CAVS,CFP,BOC,CMG). (but i replace CAVS with avira -
antivir since i already have defense+ HIPS). i don’t know much about this, some ppl report
that they have trouble using these products, but i didn’t notice any problem ??? i think maybe you
should use CFP & BOC. and use another AV instead of CAVS for now.

3)i don’t follow this question ??? all i know CMG will prevent Buffer overrun (further explanation
about Buffer overrun==>WIKI :smiley: ),nothing to do with HIPS. i think HIPS (like defense+) is like an
“anti-exe”,it monitors apps that about to execute and give us some explanation & option to
allow/block it.


edit: oh and about your topic title, maybe you should just delay your plan to install CMG and wait for it to be integrated with CFP, so you can use BOC.

oh and about your topic title, maybe you should just delay your plan to install CMG and wait for it to be integrated with CFP, so you can use BOC.
Or w8 till the BOC will fix this issue :)

Just to clear something up about the 60% claim. Defence + actually has a heuristics built into it that can detect (in Comodo’s own tests) around 60% of previously unknown malware, and will display an alert stating that a file looks like it may be a virus.

You can see at the following link how CFP detected an unknown malware, without any signature, through its heuristics: