How does 10GB work?

Say I am using this to dl a lot of photos or videos, are they included in the 10GB? Or is it just for certain stuff?

Thanks for any help

while you are connected to the trustconnect servers it tracks all your traffic and deducts it from your 10gb monthly limit

OK. Thanks. So it’s designed mainly for public WiFi, phones etc? Ain’t gunna go far on a 500GB/1TB account! :o

no problem. exactly, thats the purpose of trustconnect to protect you on public connections

Ta. I may try to get my wife to have a go on the iPhone. Completely unprotected ATM! I have such a basic phone I do not even need to worry :smiley:

You can get the Unlimited Annual account for a 500GB/1TB (only $99.95)

I use it with my LAN connection as well (not only WiFi). :wink:

[b]Do I have to use a wireless connection to use TrustConnect?[/b] No. Some networks, even if they are hard-wired and not wireless, don't have secure connections. Feel free to use TrustConnect even from a wired connection to encrypt the session or hide your destination.