how do you use comodo firewall 6.0??

Well it seems some mod moved my other thread into the conglomerate of hundreds of posts to be lost…
I did provide a small amount of feedback, but the MAJORITY of the post were these below questions.
Which the mod who moved it also decided not to answer…

its nice to see competent moderators…

anyway… again…

How do you view active connections? and how do you see if/when comodo is blocking connections? (i really liked this feature, and i want to know when its blocking things i dont want it to)

How do you see what is being blocked by comodos defense+? (as that is important, sometimes it auto blocks things i dont want to, and i like to see and know when its blocking stuff)

How do you completely disable all sandboxing features? i use sandboxie, so i dont want any of comodos sanboxing features on.

How do i Trust files for defense+ and how do i block files with defense+ (i see options to allow/block for firewall but not defense+)?

How do i view blocked items? (incase of accidental blocking, so i can unblock them)

Is it the first time that you use comodo?

Your questions are allready answered. I would have to retype these answers. So i just tell you to press the questionmark on any given page of the user interface to access the help manual. It will be related to the page you are at.
Additionally you can look around the other things.

Sometimes it requires a special mood to retype something for the x-time. Thats maybe why the mod didnt asnwer your questions.
Some people find it rude to be directed to the manual.
I find it usefull in some cases.

If you have further questions, just ask :slight_smile:

Ive used comodo firewall for a very long time, and 6.0 was a terrible update in terms of GUI…
I fully know how to use it, but i cant find anything on it that i would normally do on 5.12 or below…

i skimmed the help, but couldnt find anything relevant.

you couldnt have answered THAT many of these questions of 6.0 JUST came out yesterday >.>

But either way, i already got more then fed up with 6.0, and found a version of 5.12 on cnet, and downgraded back to that…

I meant obvious “its in the manual” questions. Nvm.

You need to press the word TASKS to get to the menu! (Right side, left of a green arrow). There are some bad design choices like this.

  1. Use the embedded killswitch feature to look at traffic. (I dont like it that way, too). Or use process explorer, or something like that.
  2. Blocks … are logged in the log. (View logs)
  3. Disable the auto sandboxing in the settings.
  4. Use safe mode for defense +. You can block or allow like before.

Really, i got this version one day ago. And i just understood it, or pressed the “?” button to know what the current page is about.
Go through each window one time, just looking :slight_smile:

You can put important buttons into the program user interface taskbar with a right click! And arrange the buttons. For easy access.
Just the traffic meter is hidden (missing where it should be). Rest is a big improvement. I dont return to 5.x

Switch to proactive mode before you make your settings.

If you fell from a horse, get back up :slight_smile:

well thanks for answers most my questions, but ya… definitely staying away from 6.0 for now >.>

i did figure out the home button swap thing after some time, and i did find what you listed for the most part.
BUT from there i felt there would be no way they would have the controls this clunky (like the ONLY place to view blocked things is the log, and from the log you are not able to right click > trust on the spot) that i though i was wasnt finding it… but i guess i was wrong XD

and i do have a portable comodo cleaning essentials for a rootkit scanner which comes with killswitch, but i really dont want to have to go and open that up to see connections… (i just really liked the convince of 5 and below where it was on the home page). Really being able to see active connections like that is one of the actual reasons i use comodo firewall.

i did disable autosandbox in the settings, but it still left things like context menu options for the sandbox, and it still would pop up “this has been auto sandboxed because its a unrecognized file” for defense+ alerts, and i didnt want to have to keep hitting dont do that for this file or w/e

im not sure what you mean by safe mode to block/allow. safe mode is just the level of popups and auto allow/block.
What i wanted to be able to block (and view) blocked items. and maybe just a shortcut for doing trusted files other then (advanced settings > file w/e > trusted files > right click the list > add…)
But i could NOT fun ANYWHERE to view blocked items. i make a test.exe and blocked it, searched forever, couldnt find it… so i guess if you accidentally block something you are sol? >.>

So its really not that i “couldnt” find these things (well other then active connections as that wasnt there or blocked items list), its i just coulnt believe the way i found them, was the only way to do things!

like how could the same team who though up the EXTREME ingenious idea of making sounds when you get a popup (as popups dont always show through windows), and a few other cool things i seen in 6.0, just completely botch the GUI like this XD

i just cant handle 6.0 in its current state… the GUI needs some major work, and needs all the things i addressed to be easier. Then it will be really awesome.

You need to enable the hips first if you dont switch to proactive mode. I recommend to use proactive mode anyway.
You need to switch to it before you start to make your settings.
Not everything can be put as a shortcut in the taskbar. But you can get close to the desired features.

I disabled the sandbox, and it does not auto sandbox anymore here. Its still in the context menu. But thats how its nice. In 5.x you had autosandboxing or no sandbox at all. I am using sandboxie too. The kiosk is awesome though.

I fully agree, the old interface with some of the usefull features of the new interface, combined with the new very usefull and safe functions, with a traffic meter on the front page, with an antivirus like this would be close to a perfect security program.
But updates which do not contain work of “someone who does not want things to be perfect” are rare. :smiley:

What i can say: Technically i would want to recommend the new comodo to people.
But with all the things that you have to mention about “take care while installation, use custom install, dont forget to uncheck this, dont forget to check that, dont install this, do enable that, dont chat with geek buddy if this or that, remove that screen, do this setting, enable proactive mode, be aware of that, dont… or do… etc…”, i will not recommend it.
Its the best suite that i know. But its too easy to have someone who gets something he didnt want to have. Searchengine whatever.
Its practically “unsuggestable”, but close to perfect.

Oke don’t know if this is the place but I have a question about the Virtual Kiosk.

When I do something here and I need to keep a file or download how do I do that. All is gone when I close it.

I wanted to make a explanation movie for some friends but in normal view the recording software does not see the virtual environment. Recording within this environment works but the output movie does not show in normal environment of Windows…

The shared space folder is shared between the virtualized environment and the normal desktop. Thus, to save anything done in the Kiosk it needs to be placed in the shared space folder.