How do you RIP Music from a CD to Computer (Anywhere)? [RESOLVED]

Yes, We can RIP music using Windows Media Player.

However, I want songs on my USB & my Mobile (Cell) Phone. How do I rip music from a CD to anywhere on my pc? Like for example, My Music.


Hi Josh,

What is your question exactly? You can rip music to anywhere with WMP both in mp3 or wma format.
Are there any special needs for the songs to your usb or mobile that the wmp-ripped ones don’t fulfill?

There are many audio ripping apps out there that allow you to specify where the output files should be stored. DB Power Amp springs to mind.

Thanks, Panic. Just what I was after :slight_smile:

Ripping now! :slight_smile:

Will close my thread :slight_smile: (LOL I WAS GONNA SAY THREAT)