How do you MINMIZE THIS?!

I’m using 4.0.2. beta3 and I can’t even figure out how to minimize to system tray? HOW DO YOU DO IT!!!

It doesn’t support minimize to system tray, just to taskbar.


WHY!!! That makes no sense whatsoever… the old version of comodo could minimizetotray… i see in the help guide you can minimizetotray from command line… I don’t get it - am I suppose to keep it in my task bar?

THIS IS THE *** THING I’VE EVER HEARD - why would you not allow minimize to tray? i was about to buy the pro version - now I’m done with comodo - i will find another backup program. PLEASE GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER… i mean seriously *** you can’t minimize to tray… jesus christ

Good luck!