How do you get this "trustfax" watermark off the faxes???????

I sent a couple important faxes only to find out the service includes this ridiculous 'TRUSTMARK DEMO" across the page over the fax. This does me no good, nor did it ever say it was going to do this. Since I have registered my credit card and am just about done with my “free” five pages before I start getting charged, I shouldn’t have ANY watermark on the pages. How do I get this off and how do I get the four faxes back that I used up with this ridiculous watermark on them? I called support but as with any support nowadays, no one answers the phone so I left a message.

The 5 pages in the trial allow you to test the Trustfax service by sending and receiving faxes. Outgoing trial fax pages are water-marked with a trustfax logo for your testing. There is a note in red at the top of the send page that states: “NOTE: During your trial period faxes can be sent to United States and Canadian locations only and all faxes sent will be watermarked with a TrustFax Trial graphic. Click here to view example.”

Active trustfax accounts do not have any water-mark nor any identier of trustfax. You can also signup for a trustfax account and bypass the trial period if you wish to send important faxes and use the account right away without a water-mark.

This was explained to you on the telephone when you contacted Trustfax support.

This was not made clear in the signing up process which has caused a HUGe hassle today.

On top of that, you’re supposed to get five free faxes, I sent three, one of them was two pages and only one page went through, meaning a total of three pagse and when i went to send the next, it told me my five free pages were up (I should have had two mroe “free” pages left). Between that, the fact you can’t get anyone in support and this ridiculous watermark which has caused great pains which I am still clearing up as I write, I have canceled the service and made sure my credit card is not charged.

The average fax time for a page is about 40 seconds. Trustfax allows up to 60 seconds for each fax page. If a page takes longer than 60 seconds to transmit/receive, the page is charged as a mulitple page as stated in the Trustfax user agreement.
Factors that can increased fax transmission times are graphics, pictures, and a grayed-out image used as a background on a page. Other factors that may extend transmission times is a old fax machine with a slower transmission speed that is sending to trustfax or receiving from trustfax.
Trustfax deducts pages for the sucessfull transmission of fax pages only.
In your particulare instance, your timecard.jpg fax was charged as a mutliple page because page 2 took longer than 60 seconds to transmit.