How do you get Comodo staff to actually do something?

I’m wondering how you get Comodo staff to (a) do what they say they will do and (b) respond to e-mail requests. I haven’t had much luck with either.

(a) I spoke at length with a Comodo staffer about converting e-mail certificates and was told by the staffer that he would take care of it for me. Ten days later and nothing done.

(b) I deposited with Comodo funds to purchase an Instant SSL Pro certificate for my website (as well additional funds for another purpose). My website host advised me that I can only buy such a certificate through them and that I cannot use a Comodo certificate. So I wrote Comodo and asked that the funds that were deposited for that purpose be refunded. I have had neither a reply nor a refund.



How did you contact Comodo? Was it a direct email or through submitting a ticket. The latter is recommended option. See:


hi Rhadin

sorry for the delay.
can you pls PM me the person you were dealing with so that I can get it moving for you.
thank you

I called sales and spoke with Nicholas Jones regarding the e-mail certificates.

As for the refund request, I simply sent an e-mail to There isn’t any information on the E-PKI manager about who to contact or how to contact them. The only information given is


Sounds to me like you need a new webhost.
You ought to be able to use any certificate of your choosing.