How do you configure Comodo Firewall for XBOX access ?

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Does anyone know how to configure Comodo Firewall to allow connection to the PC from an original style XBOX. I know that it uses the following ports:- UDP 88, UDP 3074, TCP 3074 but I’ve been unable to configure them correctly.

Any help gratefully appriciated.

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Might check out this topic, Steve…

I think it should help. If not, let us know.;msg45543#msg45543


Thanks for the advice.

I’ve tried the instructions in the post but I’m still having problems getting the XBOX to connect to the PC.

If I change the security level to allow all there is no problem so I think the problem lies with Comodo.




Yes, if ‘Allow All’ clears it up, that’s pretty much a guarantee of a rules issue with Comodo; we just have to figure out what…

So do this:

Go to Activity/Logs. Right-click an entry and select “Clear all logs.”

With no other applications running (that are not essential to XBox), run (or try) XBox to connect to the PC. When you’ve tried that and it fails, go back to activity/logs.

Right-click and select “Export HTML.” Save the file and reopen it (it will open in the browser).

Highlight the entries there, right-click and Copy. Then Paste into your post here.

That will help by showing what is being blocked, and should be specific to that connectivity issue.


Here you go:-

Date/Time :2007-07-12 20:14:25
Severity :Medium
Reporter :Network Monitor
Description: Inbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, IP =, Port = 3074)
Protocol: UDP Incoming
Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 7

The IP address doesn’t match the IP address of the XBOX.

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Steve, based on the two Network rules as given in the tutorial, you shouldn’t be seeing that log entry…

Will you open Network Monitor to full-screen size. Capture a screenshot with with the rule highlighted which would allow inbound traffic to port 3074. Save as an image file (jpg, gif, or png) and upload/attach to your post using the Additional Options right below the textbox.



Thanks again for your help. After initially creating the rules for the XBOX and they didn’t work I deleted them. I’ve now added them again and after Comodo asking for permission for the XBOX PC software tool the PC and XBOX appear to be communicating, however, the task that I’m trying to do with the XBOX - copy MP3’s across - the XBOX software is generating an error but I think it’s a problem specific to the XBOX or the MP3 file itself. The filename might be too long, but that’s a rough guess.

Anyway it all appears to be working but I’d be most grateful if you could check over my rules list for me anyway as it doesn’t look right somehow to me - I think there might be something dodgy in the there and I’d appreciate your opinion.

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Unless you are using an application such as a p2p app that needs Inbound access to specific ports, I would highly recommend removing the rules currently in positions ID 7 & 8. These are both In rules; I cannot see the details to see if there are specific port or IP requirements, but as it stands I would consider those a security risk.

Essentially, these will give the opportunity for unsolicited Inbound traffic to be passed by Network Monitor to an application that may be listening for a connection. While there would still be some hurdles to overcome (as far as a security breach), that’s the first step out of the way… Not a good thing. :frowning:



Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay in my reply.

As far as I can tell Rules 7 and 8 refer to opening ports 88 and 3074 to allow my XBOX to connect to my PC to use the XBOX Music Mixer application which allows you to transfer MP3’s between the PC and XBOX.

The XBOX software didn’t really work how I would like and I’ve decided not to use it now and as a result I have deleted these two rules which allowed the XBOX to connect to the PC.

Is there anything else I need to do ? I’ve run spyware scans using Windows Defender, AdAware 2007 and SpyBot S&D - all were clear.

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Maybe my eyes were crossed when I looked at your screenshot before… I looked again and see that you do have those ports defined in Rules ID 7 & 8, so that’s not the risk I referred to.

As far as everything else, it appears to be the default rules, except for the trusted zone/network rules at the top (Rule ID 0 & 1). The only thing with the trusted zone is that you want to make sure the IP range only includes other computers/network resources that you want to allow freedom of access to & from.

If you are not doing: File sharing, print sharing, Internet Connection Sharing or otherwise networking various computers/hardware (such as the XBox) together, you really don’t need a trusted zone.