How do you clear out the 'Blocked Applications' List?

Hello, I currently have 5 items in the Blocked Applications list that have already been deleted from both my PC, from Quarantine and I have cleared ALL the logs. However it is still stating there is 5, even after a restart.
There is no option to delete them or anything, so is there anyway that I cannot see to do this?

My workaround: Unblock all the files, go to the antivirus exclusions and delete the 5 items, and also delete them from the auto sandbox ignore list, AND also remove them from the trusted list, so they are not excluded in the future.
Is there a better way to do it than that…

This is seems only soltion to clean blocked counter, but its too mouch clicks neede plus there is always possibility that you forget to remove this “allowd” apps from all lists . Please make simple option to clear blocked app counter AFTER we delete this rouge files

This thread is really old and you necro’d it for really no reason, when there is already a wishlist post about it by me that is far more recent-