How do you cancel this service [Resolved]


Im wondering if someone could tell me how to cancel this service,
I read through everything I could find,
I even submitted a ticket ( 5 days ago ) to which I got the following replies,
why do you want to cancel?
and whats the order number ( this is a good question, had it not been in the original post. )
order number given again,
lastnight I get an email that the payment failed…

this was 5 days after I requested the cancel,

had to re-open the ticket and have still not heard anything.

I just want to cancel this service, my customer changed their mind.

Hi Camelothost,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused,

Please let me know the order# so that I can get this
cancelled for you and confirm at the earliest.

thank you
the order number is 502890

thank you

Hi Camelothost,

I have forwarded the Order# to the concern authority,
you will be addressed shortly.

thank you they replied that it has been cancelled,
For future there should be a form or somethng to fill in