How do report site using comodo that are fraud

I went to a site that and bought a camcorder that has Comodo to verify their good standing. I bought it on Saturday Aug 12th 06. I told a EBay member about the deal and he went and bought also. He call me a day later and told me that they sent him a email telling him to call and verify his order. He called and they told him he needed to buy the accessories. He said no then they told him that his order was canceled because they did not have the camcorder in stock. I think if he had told them yes that he would buy the accessories that he would have got his Camcorder. They sent me the same email and I called refused to buy any other thing but they did not cancel but they did not ship or tell me when they were going to ship. I check the status and they had some kind of code that did not make since. I called them and canceled. Who on COMODO can I report this company to?

Send a private message to melih the comodo CEO.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

we are investigating this now.

You can contact our support dept for further info.