how do I untrust??

not retyping my entire post again…

here’s what I’m stuck with

now that DropBox is more Gov’t affiliated, I only want to use it for screenshots and block all internet access through HIPS notifications (not block it completely).
the fact that it’s trusted was completely accidental (forgot to uncheck “Remember my answer”)

let’s just say, since DB is closer to the Gov’t, I want to block potential computer access.
(unless you’re a DB developer, don’t try to tell me there’s no way they can explore your full compy)

HIPS doesn’t give that granularity of control to network communication, using HIPS to block the internet is an all or nothing affair. The firewall can give more granularity of control, but that still depends on the design and process of how Dropbox syncing happens.

Your could create a custom HIPS rule with custom File Group that only allows access to folders you want sync’d, but that still has dependencies on the windows api’s. But that still doesn’t prevent the government from accessing your data, I mean your putting on the web for them in the first place.

I mean your putting on the web for them in the first place.

only a section of it (which I want), not my entire computer (which is what I’m talking about)

EDIT: can I just simply remove it from the list :confused: