How do I unblock a process/executable?

Hello all,

I have been playing around with Killswitch and in my attempt to avoid HTML loading screens used by many servers on Garry’s Mod have killed/blocked a process (AwesomiumProcess.exe). The only problem is now my game locks up when I try to connect to a server. Is there any way to unblock a process/executable I have chosen to block with Killswitch? I have tried scouring the forums, searching the web and messing around with Killswitch but have had no luck.

Thanks in advance for any help!

You have to unblock the file in CIS. Open CIS, go to your advanced settings > HIPS > Protected Objects > Blocked Files, find the file, right click it, click “Remove”, then click OK.

If HIPS is disabled in CIS, will blocking work or do I have to enable HIPS in order to make the blocking of processes work?