How do I turn off the firewall?

I am a new Comodo Free 4,1,1 Firewall user. I have read the help files but I can’t figure out how to temporarily turn off the Firewall then turn it back on.

Can someone tell me. Thanks!

You can right click on the Comodo icon and select disabled for the Firewall portion. Once you’re done you can then enable it the same way.

However, I wouldn’t advise disabling the Firewall component unless you are also temporarily enabling another firewall (ie Windows).

Thanks for your help. I wanted to know how to temporarily turn off the Firewall so I I think the Firewall is preventing a program from working correctly I can test without the Firewall then turn it back on.

Thanks again!

Do you want to turn off the Firewall component or the Defense+ component? I only ask because most problems with running a program are caused by Defense+ or the sandbox.

What’s the problem you’ve been experiencing and have you tried adding the executable as a safe file?

Chiron -

Since I have always been told that Firewalls can sometimes cause problems running programs I wanted to be able to turn off the Firewall if I had problems with a programs to see if that fixed the problem. I am not having any problems now I just wanted to know for the future.

I am totally new to Comodo Free Firewall and I think it is a rather comprehensive program and I am trying to learn how to use it. I only downloaded the Firewall as I am already using ESET anti-virus software.

When you say most problems with running a program are caused by Defense+ of the sandbox I am familiar with those 2 terms but I don’t know what they are or what they do.

I have printed the entire help file and it a little over an inch thick in my binder and I try to read it but there is so much information.

Can you tell me - it there a video tutorial or other type of tutorials that will help get a new user as myself started on the right track.

Thanks very much for all of your help.

Mouse1 made a great introduction to the sandbox. Url is in my signature.

When a program is sandboxed it will be in My Pending Files (Defense + → Common Tasks). When you know and trust that file select it and move it to My Own Safe Files. Restart that application or reboot computer. That’s the easy way of unsandboxing a file.

Not all programs can be so easily unsandboxed. Mouse1’s introduction will provide more information for different strategies.

EricJH -

Thanks for the additional information. I’ll check the link you gave on the Sandbox.