How do I turn off my Comodo firewall?

How do I turn off my Comodo firewall and still block some applications from accessing the internet? Windows Firewall is serving me just fine, I believe. Comodo interferes with some of my programs and I just can’t figure it out, so I want to disable the firewall, but still keep some applications from accessing the internet. Is this possible?

No, you can’t turn the firewall off and still expect it to work.

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You would rather not believe in that :wink:

1st, You did not state even an OS you are using, which is important

Windows Firewall (FW) is extremely weak. You do not have control over outbound traffic
So, if you are infected the malware can easy communicate with outside world and you will not even notice (or that’s too late when you eventually find out that)
That is 100% true for native XP FW;
In Win7 you somehow can set that up beforehand, knowing all Apps that you currently running in advance, but it’s rather very unpleasant experience where you have to setup all rules for all known applications and/or use Policies, which is less then flexible pain the a**, and error-prone (that’s indeed like 88)… “removing tonsils per ■■■■■■” :smiley: )

Every decent 3rd party FW (Comodo included) will take care of that properly when and if such attempt is made by any App - known and unknown

There are many discussions re: the matter here and out there.
You can read this one for example and many others

You would rather ask questions regarding those specific problems you experiencing where you think “Comodo interferes” and I’m sure you’ll get an appropriate help and advices here

a side note: you must have only one FW active. If you are using any 3rd party one - Windows FW must be disabled in order to avoid conflicts … probably that was the cause of your troubles, but sure more info needed about specific issues as pointed above

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You have to teach Comodo to remember your choice to allow programs the first time , after that Comodo does not bother you at all.
I use Comodo and its awesome in blocking hackers from entering my computer. Please don’t turn off Comodo Firewall.