How do I stop the 'Dial-up Connection' window popping up?

This window:

When I would install or uninstall-then-install BT Broadband, after some installs this window would pop up everytime windows started, after others it wouldn’t pop up at all.

Since I’ve installed CIS 2011 Complete, this window pops up about 7 times when windows starts. As in, it’ll pop up and when I close it it’ll pop up again right away. Then after a few times of that, it may do it again one or two more times after a minute.

On its tab in the taskbar, sometimes it’ll have no icon and sometimes it’ll have livePCsupport’s icon.

Go to Control Panel → Internet Options -->Connections and make sure it is set to Never dial a connection.

Yup, it’s on that already.

Hello Ozzy;

Are you on dial-up?

I use broadband.

It may be related to a program trying to access the web and not being allowed. It migh then try to use dial up connection. Are you blocking access to the web with your firewall for a certain program?

Apparetnly it is a program starting with Windows that requires web access. Then it may be the fact that the network connection that has not been released yet that is upsetting the program. Try going through your auto starts and disabling them and see if you can find the culprit.

Well the icon sometimes is that of ‘livePCsupport’. I think it tends to happen when I don’t have broadband connected (I take the cable out when the computer is starting up or shutting down, or when I’m about to play a game so I turn everything on CIS off).