How do I remove the border of the comodo Trust Logo ?

I implemented the trust logo gif file on my site , but the gif file has a red border surrounding the graphic.

How to I remove the border of the graphic?

The site is here:


I am not familiar with javascript code… I have removed borders using HTML though… I am looking for the syntax of the code so that the border will be removed from the gif file.


This is because of your CSS on your site. Your Web Developers will need to address that. Since our code makes use of the image tag, it too is affected by that CSS.

img { #border: none;
border: 1px solid #460101; }

Hmm… The problem is that I am the webmaster and I know very little about web site coding…

Do you think creating a ‘div’ class and define ‘border-style:none’ will fix the issue?

Do you know the lines that I can add to the ‘css’ file so that I can have the image borders removed?

I was thinking that maybe I could try to do something like

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Then in my ‘css’ file, I can define ‘logo’ to hold the parameters like :


My knowledge of css and web stuff is kinda limited… so if I am totally off base, please let me know.

You don’t need to overcomplicate it with JavaScript. In fact, you don’t need to declare anything like that. CSS is like the sister of JavaScript, but simpler (not really programming). It’s a StyleSheet file. Sal already provided the necessary code to add to whatever your css file is. It’s on your server somewhere - if I’m not mistaken, it’s

I see…

I will try to add Sal entry to the layout.css file and see if it works.

I will report back shortly.

Thanks for the response.

You guys are awesome…

The code that Sal listed was actually in the ‘style.css’ file.

I had to do change this:

img {
#border: none;
border: 1px solid #460101;

To this:

img {
border: none;
#border: 1px solid #460101;

And the Border of the Logo was removed. You guys are great!

The problem seems to be that now my images do not have a border on them…eeeesh…

I suppose I will try to find a way to get a border on my images while leaving the border off the TrustLogo.

Thanks for the help.

Ok I see what you want now. I’m not an expert by any stretch, but I can find out if I was on the back end of a website as I like to fool around with CSS lol. I’m sure there’s a way to assign an ID to just the trust logo, just to make it unique from the rest of your images under the img class (but then we’d have to touch JavaScript hehe).

Edit: Try this:

cot_tl_fixed { border: none; }

. That should work, assuming you don’t have any other objects using that div id. If you do that, remember to undo the above code and refresh your site.