How do I remove and then add Chrome as a permitted program?

I wanted to find out how to remove and then add Chrome as a permitted program.

My internet connection has been strong for years, but all of a sudden I am losing the connection every day or two. It does come back on after about half a minute, but it is becoming annoying.

I was told this might be a solution.

I am not too sure that would be the solution.

This problem could be on your computer, your modem/router or with your ISP.

When you say it is a connection problem does that mean other programs than Chrome are affected as well?

Can you check the logs of your modem/router and see if anything out of the ordinary shows up there around the time of connection loss. Make a screenshot to show us.

Also check the Firewall logs of around the time of a hiccup and post a screenshot of them. They can be found under View Firewall Events.

Is going into “Network Security Policy” the way to remove a program?

When I clicked on it, I clicked on “ADD”, then “SELECT”, and it brought me to the Google Chrome folder…

There is one program called “old_chrome” and one just “Chrome”. I added Chrome, and then Apply.

Everything seems to be working ok now.

Is this the correct way to add and remove a program?

If I have the problem again, I will try another browser. IE was disabled so I will have to take steps to bring it back.