How do I receive the SSL Certifcate?

Yes, well hello,

Seems a little lonely around here. Except of course for the spooky little yellow jumpy things.

My question is about the SSL Certificate. I filled out the application, I’m just wondering how Comodo
verifies I am who I say I am? I guess I’m not sure how the process works and after clicking on the
read and agree button, well, nothing, nothing happened after I clicked on the button.
I didn’t receive an email from Comodo.

Hey and thank you in advance for your help.


The first thing we will need to know is the domain name that you ordered the SSL for.
From that we can then point you in the right direction for verification (validation).

How we verify you depends on the type of certificate you purchased.


Hello Garry,

I don’t have a domain name. I have an email address through my Internet Provider.
The address would be what I used to register on the Forum, and when I registered to use
the Comodo Firewall.


hmm… are we talking about SSL certificate or an email certificate?


Wow. That makes my face red. email certificate.


The free email certificates are not validated, and we write that into the certificate.
We put: PERSONA NOT VALIDATED (which is not a miss-spelling)

Also, when you sign up, please using Internet Explorer.
And, please note that using Internet Explorer on Vista will not work (we are working to resolve this).


You may put it in the certificate but you don’t state its uselessness before registration.
And I don’t think I misspelled it.


Not sure what you mean by ‘uselessness’.

Its a free email certificate that can be used to encrypt email…thats its function.


garry, may i ask, why only IE?


The developers wrote it to use ActiveX controls…the ones in Internet Explorer.

One of the functions is to determine which Crypographic Service Providers are available, again available through Internet Explorer.

Once an email certificate has been collected with IE it can be exported and imported for use with other SMIME compliant email programs like Thunderbird etc.


Hi, I would like to use email certificate provided by your site. But Im bouncing to the death combination of IE and Vista as mention above(when I try to press Agree and Continue button). How hard are you working on solution of this “bug”? Thanks for any positive reply. :wink:


Our developers have been working on the issue this week.

But as yet no timeframe for a resolution.


Any ETA on the fix you can throw our way?? Vista released in January, this “bug” recognized in March and we’re told it was being worked on, then June rolls around and the coders were just then beginning working on it. Now it’s July…do we see a trend?

At least put a friggin’ notice on your signup up pages to tell Vista users that they’re ■■■■■■■ until you find your way. Thanks for letting me vent.

still under development.
should be very soon though.