How do I raise a technical support request?

How do I raise a technical support request?

Comodo have a dedicated Support Centre for all Comodo products. It is located at

To use the Support Centre, you will need to register, as your forum credentials do not apply at the Support Centre.

Once you have registered and logged into the Support Centre, select ‘Submit a Ticket’ and enter the details of your support request. You will be given a reference number to allow you to track the support call.

Please write this reference number down.

Once you have submitted a ticket, you will subsequently be contacted by Comodo staff. At this point, your support ticket is marked as “Closed”.

“Closed” does not mean that it is ended, merely that Comodo Support staff can’t do anything further until you respond to their last communication.

To respond, log back in to the Support Centre and re-open your call, using the reference number initially supplied (I told you that you would need it ;)) and reply to their communication.

Also, check the knowledgebase on the Support Centre, as the answer might be there.