how do i permanently allow this?

everytime i open the validation tool , i keep getting D+ alert for b2e.exe . i’ve tried ticking allow (& remember), changing the rule on D+ comp security policy to “trusted application” but still everytime i open the validation tool, it triggers something about b2e.exe.
hmm maybe it’s not the same b2e.exe with the previous one ???
any suggestion?

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Try changing it to an installer/updater, since it executes other programs. :slight_smile:

hmm, i think i’ve tried it before. but i’m not sure. i’ll try it tomorrow at my office. thx (:HUG)

And when you place it elsewere outside the temp folder ?


tried installer/updater.didn’t work. :-\

huh ??? why would i wanna do that? & how? i don’t wanna mess with this program :-
why this validation tool execute different b2e.exe each time i open it? ???

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why would i wanna do that? & how?
To see if that works & errr... ever heard of dragging and dropping / cutting --> pasting ?
why this validation tool execute different b2e.exe each time i open it?
Because it's malware ? 88)


noo >:( it’s a legit application

what is this b2e.exe anyway? ??? i know the validation tool is a legit exe from program called nesprint

So was the love mail malware that infected more than half of the computers in the past also…


noo >:( i’m 100% sure that this thing is clean. hmmfft >:(
err i don’t know if the problem related to this:

the application work like this:

  1. open the main nesprint application (enter username & password)
  2. from the main window, click validate and that will activate the validation tool
    this application check for generated XML files to see if there’s any error
  3. once the validation is complete, click the send button

err so being a smartass i am, i created the validation tool .exe & the send .exe shortcuts to desktop.
so i don’t need to open the main window & enter the password anymore. 88)

  1. double click validation tool
  2. send

do you think it caused the problem ???

How can we know ? you tried the trick yourself… is the normal way still working ??


i don’t know (:TNG)
i tried the “trick” right after i update the software. i’ll try the normal way on monday & see if there’s any difference.
clicking “allow” on D+ alert sure is still faster than typing username & password 88)

I do not understand anything of this… So I will not react… only comments… (:LGH) (:WIN)

me neither 88)
happy weekend to all :Beer

Hey G, b2e.exe is a batch to executable converter thatll be why you keep getting an alert,cus its creating Malware erm i mean executables.

i’ll put you on my “list” >:(
so there’s no way to allow it (them, the validation tool trigger/execute/generate different b2e.exe everytime i open it) permanently? ???

Why would you permamently allow a tool that’s creating malware ?


it’s not malware! >:( (why wouldn’t anybody believe me?

hmm, but if there’s no way to permanently allow it. then why i can do it before?
(using the “normal way” & before the update)
oh and the update’s just about region/area/market grouping, nothing’s changed about the way it works ???

Put it in the wishlist ;D

Have you tried deleting the rule and making it again ?


BOClean took some convinsing 88)

LOL :slight_smile:
yes, i’ve tried that too. oh since i tick alow & remember each time the alert shows up, i got a lot of b2e.exe on D+ security policy (and they all valid).