How do I OVERRIDE "Comodo Secure DNS" to get to a Website that it is BLOCKING?

Hi, quick question about a problem I’m having (off and on) with Comodo internet security. A website that I use (and subscribe to) called “” is currently being blocked by Comodo. Other times it lets me through. This website is a record album price history website, that catalogs closing prices for record LPs from auction listings at places like eBay. I don’t know why Comodo is blocking it.

Sometimes I get through to the web site with no problem, other times (like right now) I get this WARNING page from Comodo:

[b]Comodo Secure DNS
[size=10pt][b]Warning: Unsafe Wesite Blocked! [/b][/size]


This website has been blocked temporarily because of the following reason(s):
•  Phishing, Multimedia, 

This site contains links to viruses or other software programs that can reveal personal information stored or typed on your computer to malicious persons.

[b]Go back to safety (Recommended)[/b]

It’s not like I even have a choice, I can either click “Go back to safety”, or I can stare at the warning screen until the end of time.

Two questions:

1) Can Comodo’s database be updated to recognize that is NOT a dangerous website?

2) until item 1 is accomplished, how to I get around the “block” in the meantime?

Thank you very much,


P.S. Checking my old posts, I see this is the same problem I was having in August 2011. At the time, I was instructed to add some code to something or other. When I get those instructions, the person writing them assumes I know a lot more than I do, and invariably leaves out “obvious” stuff, which isn’t obvious to me, so I don’t do it, and like clockwork, I mess up a computer that was working just fine until I started trying to insert “code”.

So I don’t write “code”, whenever I try to mess with that stuff, I lock up my operating system and end up having to do a “System Restore”.

There has to be a better way.

  1. Please report this in this topic: Comodo Forum

  2. Disable SecureDNS.

To disable Comodo DNS, follow the instructions in the links top/left at here

Thank you, I reported in the Thread you linked :-TU

Radaghast, thank you for the reply. I clicked that link, the only thing I see related to disabling Comodo DNS is in the FAQ, under “Getting Started / Configuration”, where it says:

Q. How do I stop using Comodo Secure DNS?
A. Comodo Secure DNS can be removed from your system by simply changing your DNS server settings back to their original settings.

The instruction assumes a level of computer technical knowledge which I do not possess. :-[

I’m sure this is simple stuff for most everyone else here, but not for me — is there a step-by-step instruction page?

Changing your DNS in windows vista/7

Changing your DNS in windows XP

In the last step click “obtain dns server address automatically”

On the top/left of the page I linked to, there are instructions for Vista (fine for 7 too) and XP. Here are the direct step-by-step instructions from those links:

Vista Instructions
XP Instructions

Also, if you’re using Comodo Dragon and decided to choose to only use SecureDNS for Comodo Dragon, then you can disable this in the settings > Show Advanced Settings (bottom of page) then under Privacy find “Enable malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)” and untick it.

Thank you wasgij6,

The instructions at that link were not quite the same as what appeared on my Win7 screen, so it’s sort of like being at the bottom of the Abyss trying to dismantle a thermonuclear device — I need to cut the blue wire with the white stripe, not the black wire with the yellow stripe, but both wires look the same color underwater with a green flashlight…

So I did eeny, meeny, miny, moe, cut the wire, and I’m still here, so nothing blew up ;D

Thanks to everyone for your help and patience,


I would like everyone to know that disabling Comodo SecureDNS to bypass a site block is no longer required. There is now a “Disregard” button that will allow you to bypass the site block and continue on to the site. The time allowed to the site is variable, it could be a few minutes or a couple of hours. You choose when the disregard page comes up. If you want to be able to go to the site permanently you must create an account and a network profile.


“Disregard” button was necessary… :-TU

How come the secondary DNS server in the main article of your link is given as while the secondary DNS server in the box at top right is given as

The is the address of the older service in case the newer service in beta has an outage. If you have CIS change your DNS addresses, I believe it uses this format instead of the two addresses.

Reported for malware, I get downloads from that site

This button has only showed up once out of the 10 instances I’ve seen it. And when I tried to bypass it, the page would simply reload, and I could not continue on. There is nothing easy about this change

I agree with the previous person as I am experiencing the same.

Why must we run in wheels like dormice in the name of security? No wonder a lot of people just lose patience and junk the baby with the bath water.

Make it EASY! You nerd-boffins! Are you listening?