How do I manually apply a Predefined Firewall Policy to an application?

I have just made a new predefined firewall policy. I clicked the Firewall icon, then Advanced, then Predefined Firewall Policies. Then clicked the Add… button and created my preferred set of rules.

Now I want to apply this new policy I created to a particular application. How do I do that? When I run the application I don’t get the Comodo Firewall pop-up where I would be able to tell Comodo Firewall how I prefer it treats this application. So how do I set this manually, from within the Comodo Firewall settings?


Try Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Find the application concerned and double click the application path.
Check the box “Use a Predefined Policy” and then from the drop-down arrow select your policy.
APPLY to close all windows