How do I make CMF work when installed AFTER CFP???

a couple of weeks ago I tried to install CMF on my computer (XP Home SP2, AVIRA AntiVir was disabled) and it installed fine. However, after reboot it wasn’t loaded with Defense+ set to “train with safe mode” (it did with Defense+ disabled). So I made CMF a trusted application in Defense+ but to no avail. The only possible way to make CMF start at boot with Defense+ enabled was to uninstall and reinstall CFP. The same seems to be true for other security applications, like AntiVir or Nod32 v2.7 (I’ve tried both but not at the same time ;)): No traybar icon, no process in task manager - not loaded.
Can anyone please help me make it work without having to uninstall and reinstall CFP all of the time?
Thanks in advance.
Hope you all had a nice Christmas and I wish everyone here a properous new year.

??? huh
i have CFP3 installed prior to CMF (XP SP2 Media center edition). no problem at all.
but i got installation failure warning when i was trying to install CMF on safe mode. so i do it on normal mode, DEFENSE+ set to installation mode.

Hey ganda,
thanks for your quick reply. ??? Huh is exactly what I thought. I also installed in normal mode though I don’t know if I set Defense+ to installation mode or whether I disabled it and then switched it back to learn with safe mode after the installation had finished. Could this be the problem, disabling Defense+ instead of switching to installation mode?
Any further help would be appreciated.