How do I know the internet traffic usage at glance in CIS 6?

In CIS 5 there was a feature to see all the applications currently using the internet traffic with showing the percentage for the bandwidth each of them takes. How can I see it in CIS 6 please?

Are referring to the View Active Connections window? In v6 you will have to use Killswitch for this.

I meant the Traffic area of the main window of CIS 5 as seen in this picture -

as you see there is ‘dragon.exe’ and 'svchost.exe’using the traffic. Was it difficult to implement such an information in CIS 6 main window??

Now the main page of CIS 6 is not informative. Too much blank space that is just wasted… too bad. I’d like to see a more informative Summary page. Thanks.

Withing the next few updates they should be incorporating information like that in a summary screen. At least I hope they’re including an easy to read traffic monitor like that.

Killswitch can be accessed easily from the widget by going to Advanced Tasks and right clicking Watch Activity then click Add To Task Bar this will add killswitch to the GUI taskbar and will also add it to the widget
To access the widget at anytime I find it very handy to right click the CIS icon in the Windows taskbar

In Killswitch I also uncheck Resolve Network Address this tells Killswitch to show IP’s so the data seen is closer to what was seen in CIS 5.x main window.

I don’t like the idea of installing 6.5 megabyte software just to watch a small portion of info on the summary page. Besides, that would be another process running in the background and using valuable system resources.

I completely agree with you. As Chiron has mentioned, they are planning on bringing the summary screen back to the GUI of CIS.

Its not just network info with killswitch there is a ton of other information too so 6.5 mb is a small sacrifice to male for such a great tool. ;D

ohh yeah kill switch, some where hidden in the options, you can reach it aftr 3176 clicks :-
and if killswitch is the future then comodo is gone in future at my side
this kill switch did kill my PC as the whole v6 update, slowing down the PC, when i replaced the taskmanager killswitch did not start as taskmanager but freeze the PC
i had to return to sysinternals processexplorer which brings basicaly the same options
i had to return to v5 so my PC did boot in less than 15 minutes as before and took less then 15 minutes to shutdown as before… i wait now until v7 … with v6 comodo did loose at my side, i had to downgrade all PCs back from v6 to v5 … no all PCs work again

Just add killswitch to the taskbar…problem solved… >:-D
I use process hacker as well.

I have just replaced my task manager with KillSwitch so then you can right-click the taskbar and choose “Task Manager” =P

Great idea. :-TU