How do i know that it's working?


I removed Zone Alarm a couple of weeks ago and installed Comodo.

In ZA I could look at a page that told me all of the external connection attempts that it had refused access to, it seemed to be half-a-dozen per hour. It also seemed to report external scanning attempts fairly regularly.

Comodo tells me it’s blocked four connections in two weeks and all of those are svchost on my own PC.

So, is Comodo working or is it just allowing free access to my PC from everyone on the internet?


Hello peterd51,

CIS is one of the best firewall around according to many test report, not to mention it is free. That’s what I read before using it. Notice that I only read reports about firewall. I didn’t find much information about “Defense +” and “Virus Defense” though. Should anyone happens to find those info, please PM me if possible.

Okay, here’s what may help. Searching Google or similar with key word “firewall test” will show a lot of useful sites to test your firewall. For instance, try ShieldsUP provided by Gibson Research Corporation at
Hope the test result comforts your worry!


that’s a usefull web-site. thanks!


I scored 100% on every test from ShieldsUp.
Very secure.