How do I know if the firewall is working???

How do I know if the firewall is working??? When I used zone alarm it showed me a log of what was going in and out of my computer also it said this “152 intrusions have been blocked.” I know that in comodo it says “The Firewall has logged 0 high severity events” In the past I have had at least 100 severity events. And I thought the firewall was working but now it is just stating 0 severity events and I am connected to the internet mostly all the time. It should’ve detected at least 1 severity event.

Someone please help me with this, thank you.

Have you enabled logging for any of your network monitor rules? Go inot the noetwork monitor section and double click on a rule. In the resulting window, there is an option to turn logging on if this rule is triggered.

ewen :slight_smile:

It was already enabled this whole time. What else should I do? And another question I have is that what settings do I need to set on my firewall to give me extremely good protection. This firewall is really for advanced users and I’m quite not there yet so I really don’t know what much of this stuff means when I look at the advanced settings and the other settings. It says my protection level is excellent, so do I need to leave it just like it is without changing anything?

Not every intrusion is a high severity intrusion.

Do you get ANY other intrusion attempt alerts?

Change the setting from “Learning Mode” to “On” so you can see any incoming/outgoing information from applications that are not yet set.